International work & affiliations

Aside from her reproductive medicine practice at Acubalance Wellness Centre, Emilie also teaches Obstetrical acupuncture to Midwives, works with Maternal and Infant Health Canada and is currently on the board of directors of the Obstetrical Acupuncture Association.

Current non-clinical roles:

Obstetrical Acupuncture Association : Co President

Maternal and Infant Health Canada (MIH Can): Cluster lead (based out of UBC)

Acupuncture for Midwifery: Curriculum creator and teacher

Current medical affiliations

American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine 

Obstetrical Acupuncture Association 

International work:

Dr. Emilie dedicated the last 15 years towards many projects in Canada, the USA, Uganda, India, Nepal and Mexico. Below are a few of the projects she has worked on.

Obstetrical acupuncture training: Provided maternal acupuncture training for Midwives who work with indigenous women in Chiapas, Mexico 2020.

Acupuncture relief project in Nepal. : Volunteered working as the sole doctor for 6 weeks in the rural community based clinic in Chapagaun, Nepal 2009.

Global Acupuncture Project: Provided acupuncture training for Nurses and healthcare workers: Kisoro, Uganda 2008.

Global Acupuncture Project : Provided acupuncture training for traditional healers: Mukono, Uganda 2007.

Lincoln Detox centre: Acupuncture detoxification specialist. Volunteered providing treatment in both the general detoxification centre and the maternal addiction unit at the Lincoln Detox centre in the Bronx, NY. 2005