I have had the pleasure of serving the lower mainland as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, an acupuncturist and a doula, since 2005.

I am dedicated to helping create the building blocks for a healthy pregnancy, birth, family and community. Along with my clinical work, I am committed to providing education, advocacy and care for marginalized communities both in the lower mainland and abroad.My goals include improving emotional and physical outcomes for women during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum as well as increasing the visibility and accessibility of perinatal acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I also hope to raise the profile of the field among other health professionals, the government and the public, by educating and training maternal healthcare professionals in perinatal supportive care.My  vision extends far beyond just being a health care provider.  My success is not only measured by patients achieving their optimal health and wellness, but also by ensuring that every person I work with feels seen, heard and deeply care about.

What People Say

“In my 38th week of pregnancy I was told that my blood platelet count had fallen to a level low enough to put my plan for a home-birth in jeopardy. I am so grateful for the treatments I received from Dr. Emilie, it has re-opened the door for a home-birth option; something very important for me and my family.”


“I came after a difficult labour with my first child. Originally I came for lack of breast milk, but once that was addressed, we turned to my dribbling urine and the sagging sensation in my pelvis. Although I was already doing Kegels, I really noticed the difference in power and efficiency after the acupuncture. Thanks to my newfound pelvic strength, I was able to not only carry my second child to term but to also have a fabulous vaginal delivery!”


“I got so much out of your prenatal workshop, and am so impressed with the resources that parents have access to in your area.   Thank you for doing what you do, and for the generous spirit you bring to your work.  Those Vancouver-area families are truly fortunate to have you…”


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